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                                               Apartment No. 1 Unexpected visitor

The apartment on the third floor was empty. Perhaps a foreign diplomat lived here, or a dishonest financier with impeccable taste, or a wealthy widow. A collection of coins, music boxes, jewelry, silver, Delft faience, a small Madonna from the XIX century - all this was up for grabs today. Silently, deliberately, an imperturbable, confident young man wearing an American shirt and fancy shoes opened the cabinets, one by one, and evaluated the loot.  

The man’s life of danger had started to bring enough money to squander it ostentatiously. But despite his dexterity, resourcefulness and careful movements, the alarm went off … Two detectives set off to the building on the Rue du Peche.


Meanwhile, climbing the stairs to her friend's flat, hopeless adventurer Sophie noticed the door ajar on the landing. Aha, she thought, an opportunity to document something interesting. Sophie always carried her camera with her. It was quiet in the apartment, as if no one was there. Feeling like an immoral, brave thief who had criminally broke into someone's flat, she began taking pictures. In the bedroom, her lens caught the movement of a male figure. On circumstantial grounds, it was easy to conclude this person could do what he pleased with her.









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