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Apartment No. 2 Fast Recovery


There exists a widespread misconception that people lose strength when they are sick, that enemy cells destroy their kidneys, liver, heart and the rest. Sometimes people self-destruct, or the absence of pleasure kills them. This was George's predicament. He had not left the house for a month, spending the days in his pajamas, wearing a cotton shirt and holding a compress to his head.   


Innumerable doctors came at the start of his malaise. Next came the lawyers, who endlessly amended his last will and testament. Today it was the priest's turn. A middle-aged handsome wealthy man who had absolutely everything he ever wanted felt as if he was dying.  

If only George could have glanced out the window he would have seen people in whom life was beating like a spring fountain! Beatrice and Nicole looked fresh, luscious and seductive. Their life was spoiled by one thing. Because they were inattentive and unexceptional students, their continued enrolment at the University of Paris was in jeopardy, mainly due to failing geography. They had not attended a single lecture and ignored all home assignments. They did not even know what their professor looked like.   


Their only chance to rectify the situation was to visit him at home and take the final exam there. They looked up his address, but when they arrived the mailboxes of residents of the building were without numbers and names.   


More inclined to mathematics than geography, the young women quickly worked out the layout of the building and rang the doorbell to the flat on the first floor.


The professor did not look healthy. He did not say anything or ask questions. Cartography and regional geography left him listless. When at last he moved to recline, Beatrice and Nicole understood this could be their chance to rectify their grades. They offered to help him to his bed. Several hours later, George felt significantly better.


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