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                                               Apartment No. 8 Chess Challenge


A rather small sleek box. That was all that remained of the amusement shared by Louis, Paul, Arnie and Solomon. When you’re getting on 50, old age hasn't arrived, but lovely women already look at you without noticing. Some things remain, though, like talking about past victories and playing a game of chess. Life passes by quickly, but stops every now and then, at the board, for a game of chess and Bordot.


They had gathered in Louis' apartment for the first time. Arnie and Paul arrived in the morning, but Solomon was late.


What's Solomon up to? said Paul

Maybe he decided to buy his favorite Cotes du Rhune, Arnie replied.

There is a cute salesgirl who works in the store around the corner, by the way. I think her name is Adele, Paul said and smiled.  

No, her name is not Adele and she's not very pretty. You are not aging well. You would have never paid attention to her before.


Louis was somewhat upset.


Maybe you are correct, Louis, but at our age beggars can't be choosers. I have the feeling that Solomon will miss a good match, said Arnie, turning the conversation back to chess.


They decided not to wait any longer. Within minutes, a chess board and shiny pieces appeared. There was a knock at the door.


Finally, muttered Louis, and walked to the door.


Marie went by the Russian diminutive Masha among her clients, although she had no Russian roots. She had dark hair and brown eyes, wore a pretty dress and stockings. She earned money satisfying the unfulfilled desires of others, but this interested her only when the stakes were high.     

She found work from time to time, and today Marie was on her way to a bachelor party.


The mailboxes of the residents who lived in the building on Rue de Peche were without labels, but a kind elderly English-looking gentleman helped Marie find the correct flat.  


Louis, is that Solomon? rumbled a voice from across the room.

No, it's not him, Louis replied. It's a young woman.

I've come to see you, it seems, said Marie, convinced there were several men in the room and that she had arrived at correct address.

To see us? Well … wonderful! Step right in. And undress.

Do you know how to play chess?

Yes, of course. I can do anything.


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